Construction FAQ

  • When will construction begin? Currently design is underway and construction will start in June 2017 for Phase 1.
  • When will construction be complete? The first phase of the project will be complete by year end 2017 with additional roads to be improved every year for the next nine years.
  • Will my street be completely closed? Each road will be evaluated for access, and a plan will be implemented to maintain access to each home or business. The access may change temporarily to facilitate the efficiency in construction and minimize the time stakeholders are impacted.
  • How will I access my house or my business? As design progresses, all road closure and/or detour information will be posted on the project website. Check back to stay informed.
  • What is right of way (ROW)? Right of way is land acquired by purchase, gift or eminent domain in order to build and maintain a public road.
  • What utilities will be impacted? The project team is committed to reducing impacts to businesses and home owners; to do that extensive utility investigation and planning is required. Throughout the project you will see locating crews placing flags, spray painting and marking their utilities, construction crews will use this information to eliminate unnecessary impacts. With the reconstruction of the roads, this is also a great time for utility companies, homeowners and businesses to upgrade their services. There will be some minor shut offs and outages as old services change to new ones. Information will be distributed prior to any impacts.
  • How can I get a construction job? Go to for job opportunities here in Cañon City or other locations.
  • How can I get more information on the project? The project website will be the primary location for updates. Specific questions or concerns can be sent to